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Horseback Riding - Come blaze a trail on one of our loyal steeds! 
Arts and Crafts - Get your crafty on. 

Sports Field - Heyyyy batter batter batter! 

Basketball - We’re playing basket ballll! 

Iceberg - Test your vertical limits on our monstrous Iceburg! 

Blob - I believe I can flyyyy. 

The Chute - Slip n slides ain’t got nothing on our Chute! 

Bedlam - The most epic, awesome, insane shaving cream war you’ve ever had! 

Archery - Come channel your inner Robin Hood and work on your bow and arrow skills! 

Jumping Pillow - Defy gravity on our amazing jumping pillow! 

Camp Dance - Shake yo groove thing at our camp dance! 

Snakes+Birds - Bill Nye wishes he could meet all our awesome critters! 

Giant Swing - Swing into the next dimension on our amazing giant swing! 

Boating - Make a wake paddle boarding!

Hiking+Fishing - Get outdoors and be one with nature. 

Challenge Course - Climb to new heights on our extreme challenge course!